Oman Development Bank is committed to placing all banking and financial capabilities and vast experience in the business sector to design a range of products and credit services, which contribute to meet requirements of its customers.

Development Loans

As a pioneer bank in Oman, Oman Development Bank SAOC is committed to its role in financing SMEs and providing them with technical support, in terms of the importance of small and medium enterprises in the economies of many countries, SMEs are providing jobs and also feeding large industries with their needs.

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Agricultural Seasonal Loans are required by farmers to purchase seeds, fertilizers, tools etc and for financing cultivating expenses, depending on the cultivating and harvesting period as well as expected timing and amount of smalls realizations. This type of finance is based on the intra-year working capital cycle for the agricultural commodity being financed , maximum loan amount is 50,000 per crop with 3% interest rate per annum .

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Izdihar is a fixed term deposits to mobilise funds for developmental purpose that aims to encourage the habit of saving among individuals and institutions to secure their future and to participate in nation’s growth in Oman in various fields. The minimum deposit amount of RO 100 with competitive interest rates and free insurance coverage and the maximum period of deposit is 12 month. Renewable for further period

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Working Capital

Working Capital covers daily operational expenses of businesses such as purchase of raw materials, storage & spare parts (stock) , salaries & wages , benefits ,packaging legal fees , taxes , transportation expenses , etc . This maintains the production process’s continuity from raw materials purchase to selling the manufactured product .

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