Operational & Market Risk Manager


Operational & Market Risk



Reports To:

Chief Risk Officer



To identify / assess threats and put plans in place for any potential risks to the profitability or existence of the bank with regards to its employees, customers, assets and interests of stakeholders.



A. Leadership Accountability Area

1.      Strategy Development

Contribute to the development of departmental strategy as cascaded down from the functional strategy and oversee its implementation within own section and its operations, in order to ensure vertical alignment and horizontal integration with other interfacing departmental strategies across ODB.

2.      People Management

Manage the sectional team of direct and indirect reports through effective recruitment, development, performance management, and succession planning, in order to maximize team performance and achieve sectional objectives.

B. Managerial Accountability Area

3.      Operational Management

Manage the section’s daily operations by providing expertise, enabling teamwork, and aligning processes, in order to achieve high performance standards and meet established targets.

4.      Budget Management

Contribute to the development and consolidation of the departmental budget and monitor own section’s financial performance versus the budget, in order to ensure the exercising of financial authority within established limits and the control of sectional budget expenditure.

C. Operational Accountability Area

5.      Risk Management Process

Plan, design, and implement an overall risk management process for the bank while reporting the risk respectively to the right stakeholders, top management, and business heads in order to ensure the awareness of relevant risks to their direct business unit.

6.      Credit Risk

Identify risks, describe them, and analyze risks in order to ensure accurate estimation of risks directly influencing and affecting the business.

7.      Market Risk

Oversee and control interest rate, currency and other market risks using risk rating calibrations, stress testing, and value at risk etc.

8.      Liquidity Risk

Evaluate ODB’s investment portfolio for concentration/ diversification needs against the established risk appetite and liquidity ratio.

9.      Country risk and Model risk

Evaluate the risks which involve comparing estimated risks with criteria established by the ODB such as costs, legal requirements and environmental factors, and evaluating the bank's previous handling of risks.

10.  Reputational Risk

Assess the legal and reputational risk associated with the ODB’s activities in order to safeguard the bank’s interests at all time.

11.  Risk Appetite

Establish and quantify the bank’s 'risk appetite' in order to determine the level of risk the bank is ready to partake.

12.  Operational Risk

Ensure that the Bank’s Operational Risk is controlled and mitigated through comprehensive, ongoing risk management practices which include formal internal control procedures, training, and segregation of duties, delegated authorities and contingency planning.

Carry-out processes such as purchasing insurance, implementing health and safety measures and ensure business continuity plans to limit risks and prepare contingencies.

D. Procedural Accountability Area

13.  Policies & Procedures

Contribute to the development and manage the communication and implementation of departmental policies and procedures, in order to ensure that all relevant procedural and legislative requirements are clearly communicated and duly fulfilled.

14.  Continuous Improvement

Contribute to the identification of opportunities for continuous improvement of systems, processes and practices taking into account ‘international best practice’, improvement of business processes, cost reduction and productivity improvement.



-       Bachelor in Business Administration or equivalent with 12 years’ experience,7 years in Managerial Experience


-         Master in Business Administration or equivalent with 10 years’ experience,5 years in Managerial Experience

-       RMP,CRCMP,FRM or any other  Professional certificate is  an added advantage

      Kindly send cv: Recruitment@odb.com.om