Agricultural Seasonal Loans are required by farmers to purchase seeds, fertilizers, tools etc and for meeting cultivating expenses, depending on the cultivating and harvesting period. This type of finance is based on the intra-year working capital cycle for the agricultural commodity being financed.

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The bank aimed in launching seasonal loans (Mawsimi) to fund all seasonal vegetable crops but at the moment the finance is focusing on (9) crops economically proven in the Sultanate, Chilli - Cucumber - Eggplant - watermelon - Melon - Tomato - Cabbage - potatoes – Wheat.

What are the advantages of seasonal loan?

  • Speed to obtain the loan.
  • Disbursement of the loan amount directly to the borrower.
  • Does not need to provide quotations from suppliers.


By applying directly to any of bank's branches located in the Sultanate. The credit officer will respond to applicant’s inquiries. A file will be opened and a fee of RO 50 will be collected. The officer will visit the farm to inspect the existing assets and ensure that appropriate land and soil for the crop.Return to Top


Assessed based on the cost of cultivation incurred for each crop cultivated and up to 70% of the cost of cultivation. Non-revolving facility. .

What is the maximum loan amount?

The maximum loan amount is RO 50,000 per crop


  • Copy of the farmland Possession/Title Deed
  • A copy of the agricultural holding card
  • Loan application form daily complited
  • Sources of other borrowings if anyReturn to Top


  • Mortgage on the land under cultivation
  • Assignment of receivables wherever possible
  • Personal guarantees
  • Assignment of Life Insurance Policy
  • Return to Top


Disbursements of the loan will be as follows:-

  • 70% directly after signing the loan agreement.
  • 30% after the visit of the project to make sure the purchase of the financed production inputs.
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Out of selling income of the produced crops by allowing reasonable period for marketing & selling the product.

How long will be the duration of loan repayment?

Loans are to be repaid within a period not exceeding 12 months from the date of first disbursement. Return to Top


  • What is the past experience in the line - Minimum required – 3 years
  • Marketing arrangement –tie-up with buyers and who are the buyers, what are the Payment terms
  • Arrangement with suppliers (tie-up), Who are the suppliers and what are the payment terms.
  • Estimation of costs for seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, human resources, water & electricity supplies, storage facility, transportation etc..Return to Top


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