Repayment would be by way of periodic installments with appropriate moratorium during implementation of the project. Securities required for the loans will be based on general lending norms of the bank as well as the risk perception of the project and promoters. List of Management Consultants empanelled for conducting feasibility studies (as on 12th February 2014)

Name & Contact Address Contact Address Maximum Project cost Loan Amount Location in Oman
M/s. PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP Tel: 2455 9110 Any Any Anywhere
M/s. KPMG, Tel: 2470 9181 ( , ( Any Any Anywhere
M/s. Al Ghazali Management & Economic Consultants, Tel: 2481 3989 , GSM: 99358152 Email: Any Any Anywhere
M/s. First Business Consultants, Tel: 24117366 , GSM:: 9130 0001 e-mail: ,web: Any 500 Anywhere
M/s. Tumooh Consultancy, Tel: 2482 0011 , GSM:: 9130 0001 , 9589 5533 Email - Any 500 Anywhere
M/s. Experience House Consultancy, Tel: 2470 7035 500 250 Anywhere
M/s. Abu Osama Economic Consultants, Tel: 2329 3635, 24475787 , GSM: 93846197 email: 500 250 Anywhere
M/s. AL Qabas Al Munir Economic Consultancy, 500 250 Anywhere
M/s. Sada Al Jazeera for Economic Consultancy, Tel: 2453 9135, 24545537 , GSM:92074897 email: or 500 250 Anywhere
M/s. Elite Consultancy for Administration, Finance & Economy, Tel: 2412 1336 Email: 250 100 Anywhere
M/s. Budget Economic & Finance Consultancy, Tel 24780044, (GSM: 99371541) Email: 250 100 Anywhere
M/s. Al Migher for Auditing, Tel: 2320 2112, GSM: 92581966 E mail: 250 100 Dhofar Governorate
M/s. Alfehres Translation Services, E-mail: Contact person: Mr. Adil AL Nofli (GSM: 93803338) 250 100 North Al Batinah Governorate


SME stands for Small and Medium Enterprises. The Ministry of Commerce and Industry in Oman defines the term SME according to the number of employees in the company as shown below:

Business Enterprise Number of employees
Small 1-9
Medium 10-99

The total number of SMEs in Oman is around 48,000 according to 2008 figures, SMEs in Oman constituted about 90% of the total number of establishments.

The challenges faced by SMEs in Oman

  1. Lack of experienced and capable management.
  2. Poor profitability of projects leading to high defaults.
  3. Financial structure heavily dependent on borrowings.
  4. Difficulties in obtaining appropriate guarantees.

ODB’s role in financing SMEs

Loans up to 50,000 are managed by the branches, loans above this amount are hendled by the head office. ODB provides SME term loans for the development of various economic activities in the country including:

  • Educational Loans
  • Health Loans
  • Agricultural Loans
  • Animal Wealth and Fisheries Loans
  • Industrial Projects Loans
  • Tourism Projects Loans
  • Professional Loans
  • Iformation Technonlogy Loans
  • Loans for small Investers-with Zero% intrest

ODB has recently commenced providing Working Capital (Pre-shipment & Post-shipment Finance) to SMEs as well as “Mawsimi” Agricultural Seasonal Loans.

Guaranteed Loan Program(GLP)

ODB is taking part in the pilot guaranteed loan program implemented by the Ministry of Commerce & Industry in consultation with the United States Small Business Administration. The program envisages to support SMEs through facilitating loans up to RO 250,000 from designated commercial banks for project costs up to RO 500,000. ODB will guarantee the commercial bank for an amount up to 50% of the loans granted under the program. The program will be beneficial for young entrepreneurs who have shortage of collaterals for getting finance for potential projects.


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